Minita Sanghvi is an assistant professor in the Management and Business Department at Skidmore College where she teaches courses such as Foundations of Marketing, Advertising and Promotion, and Political Marketing. She has an undergraduate degree in Accounting, an MBA in Marketing from NMIMS, one of the top 10 business schools in India, along with a Masters in Retailing and Consumer Studies from University of Arizona. After working at Leo Burnett in advertising and Wal-Mart in retail management, Minita got her PhD from University of North Carolina Greensboro from the Bryan School of Business and Economics along with graduate certificate in Women’s Studies from Duke. Her dissertation, Marketing the Female Politician: An exploration of gender, appearance, and power won the Best Dissertation Award at UNCG. She is currently working on a book about Gender and Political Marketing in the United States: From Susan B Anthony to Hillary Clinton.

In addition to research and teaching, Minita is an activist for civil rights and has served on the Human Relations Commission for the city of Greensboro as well as the Board of Governors for the Human Rights Campaign. She lives on the west side of Saratoga Springs with her wife, son and three cats.