Download a printable version of the flyer here.

The Saratoga Springs Charter Review Commission invites you to a City Charter Information Open House. Learn about the Proposed Charter at this public education event!

  • Tuesday, May 30
  • 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
  • Refreshments at 11 am, 4 pm, 7 pm
  • Saratoga Springs City Center

The final draft of the Proposed Charter will be available in print at the Open House and online.

The purpose of the open house is to showcase the proposed charter that will be voted on November 7, 2017. The open house will feature “Topic based” areas so attendees can seek information according to their interests. The forum will afford attendees as much time as they wish to explore topics they are most interested in.

Guest speakers, Commission members and subject matter experts will be available throughout the day.

The main Topics Include:

  1. Saratoga Springs Elected Leadership. Council and Mayor. Separation of powers and responsibilities in Council/ Manager Form of Government
  2. Professional Management. City Manager. Administrative responsibilities, qualifications etc.
  3. Finance and Accountability. How the proposed Charter enhances financial accountability.
  4. Transition Timeline. Describing the transition plans in the next two years to prepare for 2020.
  5. Research and Findings. What we learned from our surveys, interviews and research.
  6. Saratoga Springs Elections and Participation. How citizens will engage in City government.