Mailing to Registered Voters: Cover letter

Dear Fellow Citizens,

On November 7, 2017, the voters of Saratoga Springs will be asked to approve the Proposed Charter.  This question will appear on the ballot:

Saratoga Springs Charter Review 

Shall the new city charter proposed by the city charter commission be adopted?

Voters will be asked to vote Yes or No.

To help inform voters, attached is:

  1. A Cover sheet
  2. a brief summary of the Proposed Charter
  3. the Proposed Charter

Voters can find additional information on the Charter Review Commission’s website at or email questions to


Robert C. Turner, PhD

Chair, The Saratoga Springs Charter Review Commission

The Members of the Charter Review Commission

Jeff Altamari

Gordon Boyd

Ann Casey Bullock

Laura Chodos

Devin Dal Pos

Elio Del Sette

Matthew J. Jones

Patrick Kane

Bahran Keramati

Robert Kuczynski

Mike Los

Minita Sanghvi

Barbara Thomas

Robert Turner

Beth Wurtmann

Saratoga Springs Charter Review Commission Releases Draft Charter

For Immediate Release, March 26
After 10 months of interviews, hearings, surveys, data gathering, research, and a town meeting, the Saratoga Springs Charter Review Commission has released a draft of their proposed charter for Saratoga Springs.  The Commission will hold a public forum on Wednesday, March 29 at the Saratoga Springs Public Library Community Room from 7-8:30.  The Commission will be making a short presentation on the proposed charter and then open the meeting to feedback from the public on the proposed charter.  Commission Chair Bob Turner said, “We want to hear what the public has to say.”  Citizens who cannot attend the meeting can send their suggestions to the Charter Review Commission via email at



Saratoga Springs Charter Review Commission Surveys

The Saratoga Springs Charter Review Commission created two surveys. One was a candidate emergence survey that examined whether the form of government affects who runs for office. The second was a survey of City Hall employees. Below are copies of the surveys, presentations of the findings, and press releases or op-eds:

Candidate Survey

Survey of Saratoga Springs Potential Candidates
Results of Saratoga Springs Potential Candidate Survey
Press Release

City Hall Survey

Survey of City Hall Employees
Results of City Hall Employee Survey
The View from City Hall
Cooperation and Collaboration in City Hall

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