Independent, Data Driven, Transparent, and Inclusive Process

Saratoga Charter Review Commission: a 15-member independent citizen panel, appointed by Mayor Yepsen and City Council members


Data driven:

Charter Commission Overview and reports, minutes

Survey of City Employees, Survey of Potential Candidates

Interviews with Community Stakeholders (link to BK report)


Transparent and Inclusive


Current and Former Commissioner and Mayor Interviews

Mayors- AC Riley, Valerie Keehn, Ken Klotz, Ray Watkins, Scott Johnson, Joanne Yepsen

Public Works-  Skip Scirocco and Tom McTygue

Public Safety:  Louis Benton, Richard Wirth, Chris Mathiesen

Finance-  Michele Madigan, Ken Klotz, Ken Ivins

Accounts-  Stephen Towne, John Frank




Public Input

Town Meeting at Skidmore College as part of More Perfect Union at the Tang, October 18

Public Comment Period

Emails from community members

Individual interviews with community stakeholders





Interviews with Long Time City Hall Employees

Kate Amello, Human Resource Director for the City

John Hirliman, Director of Recreation

Tina Carton, Director of the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation

Bradley Birge, the Administrative Director of the Office of Planning and Economic Development, Maryilyn Rivers, Director of Risk and Safety

Christine Gilmett Brown, Director of Finance

Vince DeLeonardis, City Attorney

Tony Izzo, Assistant city attorney


Outside Experts and Elected Officials 

Wade Beltramo, NY Conference of Mayors

Mary Ellen Polimeni, Mayor of Canandaigua and former President of NYCOM, and Richard P. Negri, Mayor of Corning, NY, Mayor Myrick of Utica

City Manager- Jason Molino, City Manager of Batavia, NY

Mark Ryckman, City Manager of Corning, NY

Matt Horn, City Manager of Geneva


Former Charter Review Commission Reports

2001 City Charter Commission Report

2007 City Charter Commission Report

2012 City Charter Commission Report

Mark Lawton, member of 2001 City Charter Commission


Outside Readings and Reports

Revising City Charters, Division of Local Government Services, New York State Department of State

Model City Charter, National Civic League, 8th edition

Charter Reform:  How to Think About It, Public Management, Nov 2009.

The Shifting Boundary Between Elected Officials and City Managers in Large Council Manager Cities, James Svara.

In Praise of Strong Mayors, University of Virginia law review

National League of Cities The Faces of America’ City Councils

National League of Cities, Serving on City Councils

National League of Cities, Sizing Up Local Legislatures

National League of Cities State of the Cities Report
H. George Frederickson et al., “How American City Governments Have Changed: The Evolution of the Model City Charter,” National Civic Review,


City Charters Reviewed

Saratoga Springs






National Civic League Model City Charter


Surveys Conducted

Civically engaged citizen candidate survey

Saratoga Springs City Hall employee survey


Interviews with Business, Nonprofits, and Community stakeholders on city government  

Current Charter Review Committee report by BK Keramati